Auto Accidents

What A Chiropractor Can Do For You After An Auto Accident

If you've gotten into an auto accident and are experiencing pain from that accident, it's important to seek professional care. While a medical doctor may not be able to provide you with any treatment options besides medication, a chiropractor can provide alternative treatment that can help relieve the pain you are experiencing.

Treatments A Chiropractor Can Provide After An Accident

  • Advanced Treatment - With state-of-the-art imaging technology, we can pinpoint the exact cause of your discomfort. This means that we can start treating earlier, meaning less pain for you.
  • Corrective Exercises - We will teach you how to perform exercises and stretches that can aid you in your pain from your accident. Here at Boca Spine and Sport in Boca Raton, we have created core exercises to help mend and strengthen your spine and neck issues. These exercises have seen incredible success on our patients.
  • Physical and Massage Therapy - At Boca Spine and Sport, treatment plans may include physical therapy exercises with Dr. Rosen and massage therapy with one of our in-house licensed massage therapists. Depending on your injury, we may recommend you to take advantage of one of these specialized treatments and together we will do our best to correct the pain that the car accident may have caused.

Were you recently involved in an automobile accident? Here is what you should know about Florida’s new Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Law...

Florida's Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Law was adopted in 1972 to ensure that anyone injured in an automobile accident could quickly get treated for their injuries without regards as to who was at fault. The legislature mandated that a driver’s insurance company pay up to $10,000 to cover medical expenses. In 2013, the Florida State Legislature made certain changes to this law.

What changes were made to this law?

The new law limits the time and amount of PIP benefits following an accident. Under the revised law you are obligated to seek treatment within 14 days following an accident or you will forfeit your right to medical treatment under PIP. In addition, if you are not diagnosed with an Emergency Medical Condition (EMC)your maximum PIP benefit will be limited to only $2,500. (Note: If diagnosed with an EMC, the full limit of $10,000 would still apply) Since a visit to the emergency room could easily exceed this limitation be aware that the patient may be liable for the remaining balance.

What does this mean to me?

It is important to recognize that often there is a delay between the occurrence of an automobile accident and when the actual onset of physical symptoms may appear. Remember that claims cannot be opened after 14 days of the accident under PIP and that Medicare and other major medical insurance companies are not liable for the treatment of injuries sustained in an automobile accident until the PIP benefits are exhausted. However if treatment is initiated within 14 days of the accident, coverage would extend as long as it is medically necessary.


Nationwide, Chiropractors are, in most cases the first medical professionals to see patients following an automobile accident. At Boca Spine and Sport we are dedicated to providing you with the best healthcare possible and will work closely with other specialists to ensure that you receive the highest quality of treatment available. Boca Spine and Sport is a provider for all Florida insurance companies. As Florida is a “no-fault” State, your automobile insurance will cover the care administered at our office. There is never a good time to be involved in an automobile accident, however if you are, it is recommended that you call us as soon as possible, even if you are at fault. Dr. Rosen and his staff will work diligently in an effort to restore your health, relieve your pain, ease your mind and reduce anxiety during this stressful time of your life.

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